Context Switching measures how many different things people are working on and compares that to their usual workload. Activity includes the number of unique Jira epics, PR repos, P1 bugs, Slack or Teams, and meetings with other teams. This is a proxy for how many different topics people are switching their attention between throughout the day.

“More” Context Switching indicates a larger range of activity—and more frequent switch of focus—this week, compared to the past 8 weeks. Occasional periods of more context switching are normal. Sustained periods of increased context switching could be frustrating and lead to burnout.

We’ve categorized context switching into three levels:

The overall Context Switching score factors in the unique number of:

Note: We do not account for sources for which we don’t pull data (e.g. email, spreadsheets, or presentation slides).

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 4.32.25 PM.png

For ideas on how to minimize Context Switching for your teams, read more here: Context Switching